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Dryly® Mattress Protector 90 x 200 cm

Dryly® Mattress Protector 90 x 200 cm

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Dryly Mattress Protector, the waterproof cover for longer life of your mattress.

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More than 20,000 children have become potty trained through Dryly's approach within 8 weeks!

Dryly Mattress Protector, the waterproof cover for longer life of your mattress!

One of the unpleasant consequences of bedwetting is that the mattress can become smelly and stained. With our Dryly Mattress Protector, you have an extra layer of security to keep your mattress in good condition. The bottom of our mattress protector has extra breathable PU coating and the top is made of 100% organic cotton. So you have one less worry if an accident does happen!

Soft and breathable organic cotton


We use GOTS certified organic cotton so the underwear breathes well and is softer than "normal" cotton. This way, fibers are not weakened by chemicals and the cotton stays soft longer! We also use this wonderful cotton in our Dryly® bottoms!

When producing organic cotton, the crop is naturally protected from insects by using butterflies, for example. Thus, we ensure a lower impact on the environment and everyone is a winner!

Non-slip fit

By using highly elastic corner pieces, you can be sure that the Dryly mattress protector will stay firmly in place. We often hear from our customers that despite using a mattress protector, the mattress still got wet. Because children are very mobile during sleep, low-quality mattress protectors can come loose with all the consequences that entails. We have tested it extensively with our own children (who are quite mobile themselves) and the protector stays in place wonderfully!

Washing instruction

The Dryly Mattress Protector can be washed at 60 degrees Celsius so you get a wonderful hygienic result.

  • Never knew a dryly bedwetting alarm would be a godsend! An alarm clock in the shape of a soft toy and no one sees that you have a bedwetting alarm in your room. We ordered a package with 4 underpants was cheaper than loose and then unfortunately No reimbursement from the insurance I thought at first, quite an expense but actually you can strip the money away.
    Ilona Meijer
  • Fine program! Top system for our son. Only the pants are quite small and too bad that wizzu only has 1 alarm sound. Otherwise a super program.
  • Shipping took a little long, but her product is top notch! Daughter loves it with the toy and the app and is super motivated partly because of it!
  • What a great invention!!! I was suspicious about the bedwetting alarm at first but immediately after 1 week of use we saw progress. Meanwhile both sons are potty trained with Dryly's bedwetting alarm. Huge pluses for the fun method and playful approach!!! Dryly thanks for your invention.
    Fam. L
  • Our 7-year-old son wet his bed so much every night that no diaper could stop it. When we saw dryly passing by on Facebook, we were a little skeptical at first. Because we became so despondent about the situation, we decided to purchase a dryly bedwetting alarm anyway.
  • After also sending an email to dryly they called me nicely And walked me through the program the device is now working properly. The telephone support is really perfect this man took all the time.
  • Setting up the dryly was a little tricky at first because it kept not picking up our WiFi network. But after a call to the fine customer service department, the system worked fine after a reset. The app works with a reward system which made us enthusiastic to get started. The first nights we got 2-3 reports of accidents every night.
    A. Velstra
  • Daughter of 5 was wet every night, therefore chose to order the dryly. The first week she did not wake up despite the vibrate function. The 2nd week this was different and she did wake up from the alarm and vibration function, but in a wet bed. The 3rd week she woke up immediately from the alarm as soon as there was 1 drop in the pants, this made her stop and go to the toilet.