Potty training

It's nice when your child is potty-trained at some point during the day. This is quite a milestone; daytime potty training is intensive. Often there is also a pressure because schools require that your child be potty trained before he/she enters elementary school.


Daytime and nighttime toilet training

Sedation training can take place during the day or at night. Both methods are very different and have their own necessities. For this article, we will focus on nighttime potty training.

Before you start potty training

Before you begin nighttime potty training, it is important to meet a few conditions.

First, it is important that your child be dry for much of the day. This advice is given by most general practitioners and urotherapists. If your child is dry during the day, it indicates that there is already a degree of control that can be built upon.

Age is another important factor to consider. TheDutch General Practitioners Associationindicates that children as young as 5 and 6 years old suffer from "bedwetting. Depending on your child's development, you can determine together whether this is the right time.

Finally, it is enormously important that your child be motivated to tackle bedwetting. This motivation may arise because a latch is done with it, or because another child may also find it just plain awkward.

How do you use good potty training?

If you meet all of the above conditions, you can take the next step in your research into nighttime potty training. The NHG shows that the bedwetting alarm is the best way to work with your child on their bedwetting problems.

As you know by now, motivation is hugely important to the success of potty training. Dryly added Wizzu the panda bear so a good amount of stress falls off the child's (and parent's) shoulders! The app has a game element that gives Wizzu the panda bear all the cool accessories.

Besides the game element, Wizzu gives great insight into the time of the accident by displaying it in a pee calendar. This way, you have a good overview of how things are going and can provide your doctor with high-quality information right away!

Tips for effective potty training

Below are some helpful tips to help you and your child embark on your adventure to dry nights. Above all, keep in mind that a child usually does not "intentionally" wet the bed and that perseverance is a virtue!

Be patient and ensure regularity

If your child is potty-trained during the day, it can really take a while before nighttime potty training succeeds as well. Of the group of children who are five years old, about 15% are still wet at night once a week, and in fact that is not unusual until the age of seven. So don't worry, but you can train it. Potty training requires a lot of patience and consistency. Start by buying enough waterproof mattress pads. This way you will keep your child's mattress clean, otherwise you can replace the mattress too in no time!

Start in a quiet period

Start potty training when you are with the family at a quiet time when you all have the peace and attention to the process. For example, not right before a birthday or before St. Nicholas.

5 steps to become potty trained quickly

  1. Pee in the evening: You can start toilet training at night by letting your child pee before you go to bed yourself. It is then a good idea to actually wake your child up so that it becomes a conscious step in the whole process. You actually wake your child up and then walk him or her to the toilet with you. This reduces the chances of bedwetting, however it is not a guarantee.
  2. Make it easy for your child to get out of bed at night: When you start potty training, it is also important that the right conditions are created in your child's bedroom. It is important that your child can easily get in and out of bed by himself and that there is a light at night so that the way to the toilet is easily found.
  3. Make it clear that you are going to start potty training: Clearly agree with your child that you will start potty training together at night. Make a calendar or buy a diary where you write down after each night whether your child has a dry or a wet night. This can be done very simply with a sun or raindrops.
  4. Positive rewarding: During toilet training, it is very important to reward your child positively and not give attention to the negative. For example, agree that after three dry nights, your child can decide what you eat at home. Small positive rewards contribute immensely to your child's awareness as you engage in potty training.
  5. Changing the bed together: When your child is a little older, part of toilet training can include changing the bed together. Don't make this a negative moment, but it can help if the child experiences the consequence of bedwetting. Besides, most children just enjoy helping mom or dad!
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