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Our vision

Dryly® sees that many children suffer unnecessarily from bedwetting. Especially in children between 6 and 12, we often see that it has a great impact on the mental state of both child and parent. Children become insecure and are afraid to go to sleepovers.

We usually hear from parents that they think "it's part of the deal" or that "it just happens. Because bedwetting is less freely talked about, parents often have the idea that they are the only one with the problem when the opposite is true. Over 10% of children between the ages of 6 and 12 sometimes wet the bed! Nor do they realize that for most children the bedwetting alarm is an effective solution that has been scientifically proven.

We are changing this! With our taboo breaking approach we work with parent and child from a positive angle. The child goes on an adventure with Wizzu and is encouraged to stick to certain routines. The parent receives practical tips to effectively tackle bedwetting without the child feeling punished!

About us

Like many good ideas, Dryly® was born from a problem. One of the founders had a 7-year-old child who still wet the bed regularly. Like many parents, she felt that there wasn't much that could be done about this. The child began to find it annoying to go out of bed and was really bothered by it. On top of this, the whole family was getting less sleep because of the noisiness when they wet the bed again!

At one point it was enough, she went to the family doctor to put an end to this. After many visits to the doctor, they were referred to a specialist. This specialist recommended using the bedwetting alarm to work on the child's problem.

We found out that all bedwetting devices are very dull and medical in appearance, giving the child the idea of being punished. This had quite a negative impact on the motivation of both parent and child!

Then the idea came; what if we made the soother method more fun and took the child on an adventure? And the rest is history. Dryly® has become a bedwetting alarm like no other where much attention is paid to learning in a fun and, most importantly, positive way. Finally a bedwetting alarm that fits the times we live in!

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