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Collection: Mattress protectors

Mattress protectors protect the mattress from bedwetting, among other things. The absorbency of the mattress pad ensures that urine is absorbed by the mattress pad, thereby keeping the mattress itself dry.

A mattress protector that meets all your requirements!

To develop the best mattress pad, we have formulated a few non-negotiable requirements:

  • The corner should be able to be pulled all the way over the corners of the mattress so that the mattress is protected throughout the night
  • The fabric must be sufficiently waterproof to withstand an accident
  • The child must lie comfortably on the mattress pad

After a long search, we are proud to say that we have succeeded in developing a mattress protector that will last you a long time! We paid a lot of attention to the quality so you won't have any melted plastic or other problems!

Good closing corners

Because the corners have a lot of fabric, you are able to pull it all the way over the tip of your mattress. This way, the mattress protector is less likely to move during sleep and you can be sure that the entire mattress is covered with waterproof fabric.

Waterproof mattress protectors

There is a special layer on the fabric of the mattress protector that allows air to pass through, but repels water for a long time. This is perhaps the most important part since bedwetting can quickly cause unpleasant odors if the mattress gets wet. With the help of our waterproof mattress protectors, this is a thing of the past.

Breathable and Comfortable fitted sheet against bedwetting

Our most important ambassador is the child. A child should be able to lie comfortably in bed without realizing that there is a mattress protector on the mattress.

By using high quality organic cotton, you can be sure that your baby will lie comfortably on the best mattress pad!

Do not use diaper pants!

The mattress protector protects your mattress in case of peeing accidents. These accidents can also occur during bedwetting training. Bedwetting occurs especially in children who sleep very deeply, and therefore it is possible that your child does not immediately wake up to the alarm.

Do not use diaper pants during peewecker training! Some parents put a diaper or diaper pants on over the sensor pants, this is just not the intention! Instead, the child should experience the discomfort and wake up to a wet bed if he/she does not wake up to the alarm. A diaper catches everything and then the need to wake up is also minimal for the child, as everything stays dry anyway.

Your mattress is protected by the mattress protector so you don't have to worry about that! Also, an additional disadvantage is that the transmitter can get broken because urine stays in the diaper and thus can wet the transmitter.

"Never use a diaper or diaper pants during the wee-wee method!"

To get rid of bedwetting, it is precisely important that your child starts to recognize the feeling of a full bladder. This can only be done by waking up at the moment he/she has to pee. That waking reflex is developed much faster with the bedwetting method because your child is awakened at the very moment when the bladder is full and thus needs to urinate. That need falls away when wearing diaper pants.