• 25,000 children helped

  • 93% is dry within 6-8 weeks

  • 4.2/5 stars over 1,000 reviews

  • Motivational play elements for your child & cuddly Wizzu

  • Understanding bedwetting behavior in the bedwetting app

Collection: Soft toys

Why are our hugs (Wizzu) so important?

As parents, we have learned one thing. Children love hugs!

The bedwetting method has been scientifically proven to be the most effective way to work on bedwetting. To significantly increase the chances of success, it is important that your child is motivated to work on it.

The wonderfully soft teddy bear plays an important role in our approach. Combined with the cool bedwetting alarm underwear and a mobile application with reward system, you can be sure your child will tackle a difficult problem with a smile.

Wizzu has a zipper in its back where the receiver can be inserted. When your child starts to pee in bed at night, the transmitter sends a message to the receiver. The receiver sends a message to your mobile application to wake you and also makes its own sound. Giving Wizzu a lovely hug stops the alarm.

Then, thanks to the bedwetting alarm, your child can pee quietly on the toilet, change pants and go back to bed.

Also for the siblings

We often hear from parents that siblings don't wet the bed but would also like to have a Wizzu. Of course, it is a great compliment for us when children are "jealous" of a child who uses Wizzu as a tool to get rid of bedwetting.

Although selling loose stuffed animals is not our main goal, Wizzu can also be ordered loose without electronics!

My child is a little older, should I use Wizzu?

No, the Dryly bedwetting alarm can also be used without Wizzu. You could also place the receiver separately on your nightstand without using the stuffed toy. In the end, our experience is that every child still prefers to use our panda toy.

So if it's a little inconvenient to take Wizzu somewhere, you can also use the system without the cuddly toy if desired.

The hug has been approved

Wizzu is approved and carries the well-known CE mark. This means that Wizzu is approved for children of 3 years and older!