Urinator reimbursement Netherlands by health insurer

If you have supplementary insurance, many health insurance companies will reimburse all or part of the cost of the bedwetting alarm. Are you curious whether this also applies in your case? Check here if you qualify for reimbursement of your bedwetting alarm!

Does your health insurance company reimburse the bedwetting alarm?

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Bedwetting alarm reimbursement Netherlands

What sounds unfamiliar to many parents is that the use of a bedwetting alarm is reimbursed by insurance companies in many cases. Our Dryly® bedwetting alarm is, in many cases, fully or partially reimbursed by insurance companies.

Because insurers draw up their own policies, we will give you a hand. We have reviewed the policy conditions of the following insurers and can submit the claim for you. Select your insurer below and view the corresponding bedwetting alarm reimbursement in the Netherlands.

Is the bedwetting alarm covered by health insurance?

The bedwetting alarm is a medical device to get rid of bedwetting. The bedwetting alarm is an important and proven method often recommended by the family doctor or specialist.

It is a product available through the medical route as well as "regular" stores. This allows you to decide how to get it. If you prefer to have it prescribed by a general practitioner, you can do so. But you can also have it delivered through a web shop the very next day.

For some health insurance companies, it is important that there is an indication that the person wets the bed before reimbursement is made. In this case, it may certainly be worthwhile to stop by the family doctor.

Is the bedwetting alarm covered by basic insurance?

No, the bedwetting alarm is considered a medical device and is not covered by basic insurance. Most insurers do cover this product under certain supplementary insurance policies. Especially with supplementary packages aimed at young families, the bedwetting alarm is often reimbursed!

There are significant differences between health insurers in terms of reimbursement of the bedwetting alarm. Therefore, read what your health insurer does and does not reimburse. For example, health insurance companies often cover underwear up to a maximum number of pieces.

Also, most differentiate between buying or renting the system. Depending on the family situation and dynamics, it may be more convenient to buy or rent one. When renting for 4 months, the price comes out about the same as if a bedwetting alarm were purchased. So it's either way.

Reimbursement when buying a bedwetting alarm

Does your child suffer from bedwetting and are you considering buying a bedwetting alarm? If so, you are not alone. The vast majority of users choose to buy the bedwetting alarm. There are significant differences between health insurers in terms of reimbursement for the bedwetting alarm. Read what your health insurance company does and does not reimburse. For example, it often happens that a health insurer covers the underwear up to a maximum number of pieces.

Most health insurance companies reimburse around €100 and €170 from the supplementary insurance. Please note, they only do this once during the entire contract period. If the bedwetting alarm breaks or gets lost, it will no longer be reimbursed.

Order the Dryly bedwetting alarm today!

Dryly®'s bedwetting alarm is newer, more modern and, above all, more fun than those of our competitors. The positive approach to the problem of bedwetting using Wizzu the panda and the fun game elements in the mobile app sets Dryly apart from all the competition. The Dryly® bedwetting alarm is available exclusively our website. We would be happy to tell you more about our bedwetting alarm.

Proven most effective

Many scientific studies have been done on bedwetting. A Dutch study done in cooperation with the TNO shows that a large proportion of children struggle with bedwetting. A 2005 study (Glazener) shows that after 2 months, 66% of the participants, were dry for 14 consecutive nights. In the control group, this was only 4%. Another 2005 study (Leerdam) shows that in 3 months, 85.5% of the 241 participating children were dry for 28 consecutive nights.

Dryly® 's positive approach has a proven effect on potty training turnaround time. Currently, 93% of our users potty train within 6 to 8 weeks.


We often hear from family doctors and urologists that the process takes a lot longer because parents do not have enough accurate information about their child's bedwetting behavior. Before bedtime, Wizzu helps step-by-step the sleep ritual to increase the chances of a dry night.

In the Dryly® bedwetting alarm app, all the important information (result night, time of day, compliance) is displayed in a clear way so that you, as well as your doctor or urotherapist, can easily recognize a pattern.

Good insight prevents a lot of lost time in a follow-up medical process!

Motivation & acceptance

Bedwetting is annoying enough for the child. Then no one is waiting to be confronted with it in an annoying way.

Dryly® gives your child intrinsic motivation to work on the problem. Through positive interaction with Wizzu and earning Wizzucoin according to effort, much of the negativity falls off their shoulders.

And let's face it, who can resist such a lovely cuddly panda like Wizzu!?

Ease of use

Waking up in the middle of the night with a child by your bedside and then also writing down the time on a printed A4 sheet? Many parents forget or have to look for where that sheet is again.

You can do this differently! The Dryly® App registers everything neatly so you can focus on your child. We take care of the rest. Through a self-learning algorithm we are able to give you advice that fits your child's pattern.