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Collection: bedwetting alarm pants

The cutest peeing pants

Bedwetting is more common than you think. Bedwetting occurs in all types of children and ages in society. Children who are already strong-willed can have accidents just as easily as children who are more subdued.

Child type is also a recurring topic during our conversations with parents and children. We like to speak to parents and children who have tried our bedwetting alarm and the accompanying bedwetting alarm pants. This is where we receive useful feedback from which we use to how to incorporate it back.

During conversations with parents and children, we received feedback that sometimes the boxershorts could be more cheerful but sometimes more subdued. We developed two different collections as a result. One collection for situations where kids feel comfortable and can enjoy exuberant colors and cool illustrations of Wizzu the panda bear! The other collection is a little more discreet and consists of solid colors that are a little less conspicuous.

Dryly boxershorts with Wizzu print

In this peeweaker underwear, your child will feel like royalty! It almost becomes a party to put on our pee pants again at bedtime that feature the main protagonist of the adventure. Together with Wizzu, your child will be all set to try to stay dry tonight!

Dryly urinary underwear without print

Our peeing underwear without print is designed for children who like to be a little less conspicuous in some situations. No matter how much fun we make it, kids don't always make it easy on each other with their direct questions and/or comments.

We often hear that children like to wear the sensor underwear without the print when a friend comes to sleep, and that is quite understandable!

Wonderful fit

There is nothing more annoying than underwear that is uncomfortable or itchy. We held countless fitting sessions with children of all shapes and sizes to arrive at the ideal model. We have placed important product information on the inside and back of the sensor underwear, so your child won't be bothered by an itchy label.

Soft and breathable organic cotton

Together we are making the world a greener place! We use only GOTS certified organic cotton. Besides having less impact on the environment, it is also extra soft on the skin.

Do not use diapers or diaper pants!

Do not use diapers or diaper pants during the pee-wake training! Some parents put a diaper or diaper pants on over the sensor pants, this is just not the intention! Instead, the child should experience the discomfort and wake up from a wet bed if he/she did not wake up from the alarm. A diaper catches everything and then the need to wake up is also minimal for the child, as everything stays dry anyway.

Your mattress is protected by the mattress protector so you don't have to worry about that! Also, an additional disadvantage is that your transmitter can get broken because the urine can't get out through the diaper so the transmitter gets wet.

"Never use a diaper or diaper pants during the wee-wee method!"

To get rid of bedwetting, it is precisely important that your child starts to recognize the feeling of a full bladder. This can only be done by waking up at the moment he/she has to pee. The wake-up reflex is developed much faster with the bedwetting alarm because your child is awakened at the very moment when the bladder is full and thus needs to urinate. That need is eliminated when wearing a diaper or diaper pants.