Dryly's pee alarms with vibration function

The solution to bedwetting: Dryly's Bedwetting Alarms with Vibrating Function

Bedwetting in children is a common problem in children up to age 14. Bedwetting, also known as enuresis, is a common problem in children that can be stressful not only physically, but also emotionally for both the child and the parents. It is common in children ages 5 to 14, but can also occur later in life. Bedwetting can have several causes, including small bladder capacity, delayed maturation of nerve signals between the bladder and brain, hormonal factors or emotional stress.

The effectiveness of bedwetting devices

Fortunately, there is an effective scientifically proven solution: the bedwetting alarm. These innovative devices are specially designed to help your child train their bladder and recognize the sensation of a full bladder, allowing them to wake up on their own. The Dryly bedwetting alarms now go even one step further with their new bedwetting alarm with vibration function. This is specially designed for the extra deep sleepers so they can be awakened by vibration when they do not wake up from the normal alarm clock.

Pee alarms with vibration function

How it works exactly?

Dryly's bedwetting alarm consists of comfortable pants with a sensor that detects moisture as soon as a small leak occurs. Once the sensor detects moisture, the bedwetting alarm activates a vibration signal to wake the child and it activates the sound of the panda bear (Wizzu) alarm clock. At the same time, a signal is also sent to a parent's cell phone to alert them that their child may need help.

It is very important here that your child wakes up independently and turns off the alarm clock, this will wake your child at the moment the bladder is full where they will subconsciously begin to recognize the feeling of a full bladder.

The vibration signal is an effective additional aid especially designed for those extra-deep sleepers who do not wake up from the sound signal.

The benefits of Dryly's pee alarms with vibration function

  1. Comfortable: The panties are made of soft material and are comfortable to wear while sleeping. The transmitter with vibration function is compact and can be attached to the underwear by snaps.
  2. Effective training tool: repeated wake-up calls teach the child to control his or her bladder and increase awareness of urination patterns. Over time, your child can independently wake up to a full bladder and go to the bathroom on his or her own before wetting the bed.
  3. For deep sleepers: The vibrating transmitter is specially developed for children who do not wake up to just the sound signal.
  4. 4. Building self-confidence: Successful use of the bedwetting alarm can increase the child's self-confidence and reduce the stress and embarrassment surrounding bedwetting. The child gains a sense of control over his or her body and can be proud of his or her progress.
  5. 5. Parental convenience: Parents can rest with confidence knowing that their child is being helped and that using the bedwetting alarm paves the way to a dry night. It also avoids the use of disposable products such as diapers, which is both cost-saving and environmentally friendly.
Bedwetting alarm clock with vibration function

The average turnaround time of the bedwetting alarm is 16 weeks, within this period approximately 77% are potty trained. Because Dryly responds well to the adventure to dry nights through a playful solution with game elements, Dryly has been able to reduce this lead time to 6-8 weeks where even 93% are potty trained.

Dryly, the bedwetting alarm for deep sleepers

Dryly has now been around for 5 years and over time has noticed that there are also many children who sleep extremely deeply. The sound of the bedwetting alarm does not wake them up easily. Because of this, Dryly continued to develop its alarm clock and the bedwetting alarm with vibration function has been active for a year now. After extensive testing, we have seen that almost all deep-sleeping children do wake up using the vibration function. It provides additional support in waking the child, but also has many other advantages. If you want to opt for a little more discretion, there is also, for example, a silent mode where the sound of the alarm clock is off and only the vibration will wake the child. Useful for sleepovers, for example, or if the rest of the house wants to continue sleeping peacefully. The Dryly bedwetting alarm with vibration function provides just that extra incentive, giving children just that little bit more support and thus this is really the bedwetting alarm for deep sleepers!

Dryly bedwetters: a complete solution for bedwetting

Dryly offers not only vibrating bedwetting alarms, but also a comprehensive support system to help parents and children address bedwetting. This includes a mobile app that allows parents to track their child's progress, reward programs to encourage positive behavior and a community of parents and children who support and encourage each other.


Choose The Dryly bedwetting alarm and take the first step toward a dry night

With the Dryly bedwetting alarm with vibration function, children and parents can sleep peacefully again, knowing there is an effective solution to bedwetting. Give your child the gift of a good night's sleep and confidence with Dryly's innovative bedwetting alarms.

In brief

Bedwetting can be a challenging problem for children and their parents, but with the right support and tools, they can overcome it. The Dryly bedwetting alarm with vibration function offers an effective and comfortable solution to bedwetting, helping children gain more control over their bladder and, as a result, build self-confidence. Choose Dryly and help your child on a fun path to a dry and peaceful night.

  • Never knew a dryly bedwetting alarm would be a godsend! An alarm clock in the shape of a soft toy and no one sees that you have a bedwetting alarm in your room. We ordered a package with 4 underpants was cheaper than loose and then unfortunately No reimbursement from the insurance I thought at first, quite an expense but actually you can strip the money away.
    Ilona Meijer
  • Fine program! Top system for our son. Only the pants are quite small and too bad that wizzu only has 1 alarm sound. Otherwise a super program.
  • Shipping took a little long, but her product is top notch! Daughter loves it with the toy and the app and is super motivated partly because of it!
  • What a great invention!!! I was suspicious about the bedwetting alarm at first but immediately after 1 week of use we saw progress. Meanwhile both sons are potty trained with Dryly's bedwetting alarm. Huge pluses for the fun method and playful approach!!! Dryly thanks for your invention.
    Fam. L
  • Our 7-year-old son wet his bed so much every night that no diaper could stop it. When we saw dryly passing by on Facebook, we were a little skeptical at first. Because we became so despondent about the situation, we decided to purchase a dryly bedwetting alarm anyway.
  • After also sending an email to dryly they called me nicely And walked me through the program the device is now working properly. The telephone support is really perfect this man took all the time.
  • Setting up the dryly was a little tricky at first because it kept not picking up our WiFi network. But after a call to the fine customer service department, the system worked fine after a reset. The app works with a reward system which made us enthusiastic to get started. The first nights we got 2-3 reports of accidents every night.
    A. Velstra
  • Daughter of 5 was wet every night, therefore chose to order the dryly. The first week she did not wake up despite the vibrate function. The 2nd week this was different and she did wake up from the alarm and vibration function, but in a wet bed. The 3rd week she woke up immediately from the alarm as soon as there was 1 drop in the pants, this made her stop and go to the toilet.