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The Dryly® 2.0 webshop is live!

Dryly®'s new webshop is live! On to even more dry nights. The colleagues at E-Expansion worked hard to give our webshop a new modern look. The result is a lightning fast custom Shopify website with a simple user experience. Fully optimized for a user-friendly purchase of a bedwetting alarm.

New design for bedwetting alarm webshop Dryly

The old bedwetting webshop was ready for a re-branding. In a few years we have relieved more than 20,000 children from bedwetting. But we thought we could do even better. So we monitored the old webshop for quite some time to come up with a more user-friendly web design to help even more children with bedwetting problems. Below you can see a screenshot of our old webshop.




We at team Dryly® are proud of the end result and can go for years with our new webshop!

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