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A bedwetting diary, how does it work?

A urinary diary gives you insight into the functioning of the bladder. For bladder-related complaints, this is the doctor's first step in seeking a diagnosis against bedwetting.

It provides some important insights:

  • When and how much fluid is absorbed
  • When and how much to urinate
  • How often an urgent urge to urinate arises
  • When and how much urine is "laughed

When to use a pee diary

You can use a pee diary before or after a visit to your doctor. It is never wrong to bring a pee diary with you during your first visit to the doctor.

The urinary diary brings important information to light because daily habits and symptoms are recorded objectively and clearly. This gives the family doctor a good picture of the course of daily life.

How do you use a pee diary?

It is important to note the time of waking. This helps to see fluid intake and urine timing in a bigger picture. The same goes for going to bed.

Write down what your child drinks (e.g., water, juice, lemonade) and most importantly; how much. Keeping track of exactly how much your child drinks is of great value. If you don't manage to do this exactly, you can make a good guess. There are some tips on the form to help you guess, but fortunately the contents are listed on most packages!

Examples of common packaging:

  • Glass - 200ml
  • Cup - 125ml
  • Soup bowl - 250ml
  • Pack of drinks - 200ml

Write down how often and how much your child pees, both daytime and nighttime. GPs often give something to measure the amount of urine, but of course a cup whose contents you know works just as well. Practical tip: put the cup near the toilet! 😉

Keep the urinary diary for at least three days to get as true a picture as possible. A diary where only one day is kept gives too much room for wrong conclusions and diagnoses! It is possible to set up measurement days separately as long as they are "standard" days.

Don't forget to bring the results with you when you visit your doctor!




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