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Dryly guest blog: Angela Turfboer (@kids.sweet.home)

How nice is it that I get to share my experience in the Dryly guest blog? It has been a few weeks since I first spoke to Clarien. Our conversation felt very familiar right away. We immediately scheduled an appointment. Our family has the honor of testing 2 Dryly bedwetting devices. This is because both of ours still suffer from accidents at night. 2 Wizzu panda bears in one family. After Clarien explained the app, the bedwetting alarm and the pants to us, we could start. Our two kids were mega excited and were only too happy to wear the pants and have the teddy bears!

Step by step we went through the process and it really speaks for itself. After this explanation, we immediately installed and tested the Dryly app.


That same evening, the new ritual began. Before bedtime, you can use the Dryly app's step-by-step plan to tick off your to-do. A set bedtime ritual is crucial to the success of the bedwetting method. By following the process, you earn points that you can then use to dress Wizzu in the app. Very stimulating and super fun at the same time. By now both kids are wearing their panties to which the transmitter is connected. We went through the steps with the kids and yessssss, both earned 50 points. They can use those up tomorrow when they wake up! So we can dress up Wizzu with clothes or fun gadgets. Both kids quickly and contentedly fell asleep.

The nice thing is that the shorts are very good quality and very comfortable. Our kids have been wearing expensive boxers for years because they can't stand seams or labels #sorecognizablehereinhome🙂 but these pants are very comfortable. On the shorts, the transmitter is clicked, so any accident is detected. The transmitter also stays on very well during the night.



At 11:30 p.m. we always let them pee. We keep this in for now. If they do have an accident, the bear goes off. This has to be taken off by the child himself by shaking Wizzu and is therefore also outside the bed. Then we, as parents get a message on our phone that we have to press. When the alarm goes off, you let your child pee a little more and put on a clean pair of bedwetting pants so she can continue sleeping.

The first few nights it took our child some getting used to. The alarm clock rang (somewhat the sound of an old-fashioned telephone) but she slept through it, no matter how loud it went off. It didn't ring a bell with us either.... Nice choice of words :-). But after a few days she called us right away when the bear went off. She is now becoming more and more aware of the process.



After an extended period of almost two weeks now, I can say that our youngest of four is doing really super well. Already nights dry, she is so happy.
From us a four year old child doesn't have to be potty trained at night yet but when you have a child who refuses to wear a diaper this is quite a challenge. After nights of fumbling with mats and nightly changing sessions, there is now peace of mind and she is so proud.

At the same time, we have an older son who still has the occasional accident. Case of 'falling asleep very deeply and then being just too late'. This makes him insecure. Especially when you think about sleepovers, friends coming over, camp and so on. Because of the panda bear, he is confident. If friends sleep, he can 'mute, the parent gets a notification (you can invite someone through the app if he sleeps somewhere). Really everything is thought of. I can really recommend Dryly to everyone. We will test this in the coming weeks and I will come back in a few weeks to see how we are doing.


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